10 Must-Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Caribbean

10 Must-Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Caribbean

Historic Cartagena and its Port, Colombia


Photo: Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, is a city of historical heritage for its great cultural and architectural richness. (Photo via Charly Boillot/iStock/Getty Images Plus). (Photo via Photo via Charly Boillot/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Historic Cartagena is becoming a more popular cruise port of late, and this city located upon the southern edge of the Caribbean offers a very interesting piece of world heritage. The city is the most fortified in South America and offers three distinct neighborhoods with different styles: San Pedro, modeled after Andalusian architecture from Spain; San Diego, where the merchant-class once lived; and Gethsemani, where the rest of the people lived, including artisans and slaves. This city, along with Havana and San Juan, was once an important part of Spanish trade and colonialism. The earliest buildings date to 1586, with expansions of the city’s fortifications spanning centuries.

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