17 Private Island Resorts Worth Visiting in 2023

17 Private Island Resorts Worth Visiting in 2023

If visiting a private island is on your travel bucket list and you’re fresh out of celebrity friends who own one, you’ll have to make your dream trip happen through other means. Fortunately, a range of resorts own their own private islands that you can visit, and some resorts are even located on private islands you can only access by plane or boat. There are also cruise lines that have their own private islands, which you can visit if you book an itinerary that stops there.

That said, the private island visit you ultimately plan for the year should depend on your budget, the type of trip you want to take and the region of the world you hope to visit. You’ll also need to decide if you’re willing to pay a premium to actually spend your entire trip on a private island, or if a few hours or a day trip to an island will suffice.

Either way, we did some digging to find a range of private island getaways you can book in 2023. Some are offered through cruise lines like MSC Cruises and Royal Caribbean International, whereas others can be visited through a traditional resort stay.

Before you book the remainder of your travel plans for 2023, consider these 17 cruise line and resort private islands.

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