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2022 Travvy Awards Honors the Airline Industry’s Best

In sports parlance, it was a bounce-back year for the airline industry and the suppliers that shined the brightest were honored during the 2022 Travvy Awards at Thursday night’s ceremonial gala at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina in South Florida.

Both domestically and abroad.


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After two years of suffering the effects of the pandemic, aviation took off again. The pent-up demand for air travel surged as the Transportation Security Administration regularly started reporting more than 2 million passengers a day being screened at U.S. airports, particularly over the heavy spring and summer travel seasons.

And it didn’t dissipate as the fall approached, with the agency recording the highest number of passengers in a single day since February 2020 just weeks ago in mid-October, which is usually a downtime for the airlines as it comes between summer and the winter holidays.

It wasn’t without its hiccups. Airlines were caught short-handed by the increase in demand, and the staffing shortages were apparent in the chaos and congestion at airports across the world, not to mention a massive amount of delays and cancellations.

Nonetheless, some weathered the storm better than others and certainly deserved recognition.

At the 2022 Travvy Awards, the leaders in aviation and airline consolidation were among those who were honored.

Here’s a full list of the winners:

Airline Consolidators

Best Airline Consolidator – Overall: Centrav (Gold); Sky Bird Travel & Tours (Silver); Cosmopolitan Travel Service (Bronze)


Best Airline – Domestic: Delta Air Lines (Gold); American Airlines (Silver); United Airlines (Bronze)

Best Airline – International: Air Canada (Gold); Emirates (Silver); Air New Zealand (Bronze)

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