21 Cruising Mistakes You'll Absolutely Want to Avoid

21 Cruising Mistakes You’ll Absolutely Want to Avoid

Cruising can be a ton of fun, which is why it is such a popular vacation option for families, couples, and groups of friends. There’s a lot to like about cruising the ocean on a giant, floating hotel, and it doesn’t hurt that dining and entertainment are already included in the cruise fare.

That said, there are a lot of cruise “gotchas” to be aware of, and many missteps you can make that can leave you getting less value for your travel dollar. For example, you’re basically leaving money on the table if you don’t shop around to find the best cruise deals, and if you never consider more than one cruise line. In the meantime, you might also live to regret a handful of other cruise mistakes, such as forgetting to join cruise loyalty programs or failing to pack the right cruise ship gear.

If you’re interested in cruising the right way and you want to maximize the whole experience, read on to learn the 21 cruising mistakes you’ll want to absolutely avoid this year.

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