6 Not-to-be-Missed Islands in the Florida Keys

5 Best All-Season Beaches in the United States

There are hundreds of lists that name the US’ best beaches, but the ones travelers are most interested in, especially in the winter, are those that can be enjoyed year-round.

Yes, these stretches of sand are found in warmer-climate areas, but they are gorgeous and they attract beach lovers like moths to a flame.


We’re sharing our favorite places to soak up the sun in the US and its territories. So, get ready to pack a suitcase with your bathing suit, flip-flops, sunglasses and sunscreen, and let’s head to the beach.

Coronado Beach- Coronado, CA

Coronado’s beautiful beaches are consistently ranked among the best in the world. Pristine fine white sand glitters in the sun thanks to its fine crystals of mica. Its surf is usually mild and perfect for swimming. The most popular stretch of Coronado sand is set against the backdrop of the storied and gloriously iconic Hotel del Coronado, built in 1888.

Like the city of San Diego, all Coronado beaches are open to the public. Those into beach volleyball will love joining the casual pickup games held on Coronado’s Central Beach.

Siesta Key Beach- Sarasota, FL

This idyllic beach is central Sarasota’s gateway to the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and wow, it is stunning.

Boasting the whitest, finest sand in the world consisting of 99% pure quartz, it’s surprisingly soft and cool on the feet, even during the summer. Shallow water depth in the shore area together with year-round lifeguard protection on this barrier island makes this one of the safest beaches in the county and great for small children. It truly is a beach lover’s paradise.

Siesta Key, Florida (Photo via Lauren Bowman)

Wailea Beach- Maui, Hawaii

This is tropical beach perfection at its finest. Bookended by the Four Seasons and Grand Wailea Resort, this popular crescent-shaped south Maui beach has plenty of facilities and is a favorite for sunbathers, swimmers, snorkelers, and boogie-boarders.

Wailea Beach features silky smooth sand, warm water, and you’ll often spot sea turtles swimming through the waves. You don’t have to be staying at one of the Wailea Beach resorts to use the beach, but you’re always welcome to walk through these lovely hotels and order a Mai Tai to get into the true aloha spirit.

Bahia Honda, Florida Keys

This state park is actually an island in the Florida Keys with palm-fringed sandy beaches, gin-clear waters and magnificent sunsets.

Even on a warm day, the park is known for balmy sea breezes that caress its shores year-round. Snorkeling here is an amazing experience because of the island’s healthy coral reefs and schools of colorful fish and sea life. Kayaking is another popular watersport.

As the sun sets and the stars fill the night sky, the island of Bahia Honda becomes a magical place for stargazing.

St. John, USVI

The island of St. John is renowned for having some of the world’s most pristine beaches, with sugar-white sand, stunning crystal-clear waters, and towering coconut palms swaying in the soft island breeze.

The postcard-perfect dramatic coastline is dotted with beaches of all sizes and shapes. Trunk Bay is St. John’s most-popular, most-photographed, and most-visited beach. Cinnamon Bay has the longest stretch of white sand, and beaches like Salomon Bay are more remote and off the beaten path. With 60 percent of the island set aside as a national park, it’s no wonder its beaches and waters are so pristine and undisturbed. Snorkeling and diving experiences here are unsurpassed.

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