A New Look at the Sun Princess’s Inside Spaces

A New Look at the Sun Princess’s Inside Spaces

Princess Cruises’ newest ship, the Sun Princess, will feature some brilliant new spaces when it debuts in 2024, including an Arena theater, three-story dining venue and much more.

New renderings showcase what are sure to become popular spaces within the ship, such as the Horizons Dining Room, a three-story venue that will feature wake views and a different dining option for each level.

The Princess Arena, on the other hand, is the most technologically advanced theater the line has ever built, with the capacity to seat over 1,000 people and offering three different configurations for different performances.

Rendering of the Princess Arena, the new theater area onboard the Sun Princess. (photo via Princess Cruises)

“With the construction of any new ship, we have the incredible opportunity to design standout spaces with our guests’ preferences in mind,” said John Padgett, the line’s president. “With the new platform and size of Sun Princess, we’re uniquely able to refresh venues we know our guests love and expand upon, redesign and elevate them to the next level. We know our sun-inspired designs will exceed expectations and elevate the entire Princess experience.”

The Sun Princess will offer room for 4,000 guests on each itinerary and is the largest Princess ship ever built. It will feature the brand’s iconic Piazza and entertainment space, The Dome. It will also be a Medallion-class ship and will be the first to run on Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). The ship will debut in the Mediterranean in 2024; itineraries are on sale now.

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