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A New Luxury Hotel Brand Debuts in Cancun, Mexico

Ennismore announced the launch of SLS Bahia Beach Residences, which will open in the heart of Novo Cancun, Mexico. SLS Bahia Beach is the fourth tower in the growing complex, a project led by designer Sofia Aspe Studio, in partnership with Inmobilia and U-Calli, as well as U.S. luxury developer Related Group.

SLS will open two additional properties in Scottsdale, Arizona and Saudi Arabia by 2024, adding to the seven properties in Beverly Hills, Miami, Bahamas, Cancun, Dubai, and Buenos Aires.


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Accor and Ennismore announced in late 2020 that they were entering into exclusive negotiations to form a new operator in the lifestyle sector, one of the industry’s fastest-growing segments. Through this share merger, the new brand will bring together an unrivaled portfolio of world-class brands, and the entity will base its headquarters in London under the name Ennismore.

Ennismore comprises 14 brands, 90 operating properties, and another 160 in the pipeline—and a collection of more than 150 culturally relevant and diverse restaurants and nightlife destinations.

A New Way of Living

Chadi Farhat, SLS COO at Ennismore, says: “We are excited to introduce another major residential project in the Novo Cancun community with our long-time partner, Jorge Perez, and his talented team at Related Group. SLS Bahia Beach will offer a new way of living, combining sublime views with SLS’s unparalleled style: elegance with a twist.”

Accor announced the development outlook it plans with a full calendar of new hotel openings worldwide. Especially in South America, with the introduction of SLS Puerto Madero (Argentina), Novotel Santa Cruz (Bolivia), and JO&JOE Largo de Boticario (Brazil).

The group has 390 hotels in the South America network and a portfolio of 99 hotels. They define the region as a market with excellent growth potential “in leisure travel, with unique natural beauty.”

“We are focused on giving continuity to our expansion plan in the region because we still have plenty of room for new hotels and excellent options for investment. We look forward to continuing to count on our partners and investors,” says Thomas Dubaere, CEO of Accor South America.

Hotel room with natural light and fresh furnishings
The group has 390 hotels in the South America network and a portfolio of 99 hotels.

A Vibrant Segment

In the coming years, the lifestyle category will become one of the most vibrant segments, and the number of lifestyle hotel openings is expected to triple by 2023.

By 2021, Accor’s lifestyle operations represented around 5 percent of the company’s revenues and more than 25 percent of pipeline revenues. Growth will accelerate, building on a strong presence in Europe and the U.S. and a rapidly expanding presence in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and South America supported by Accor’s development teams.

Accor says the partnership announced with Ennismore will contribute to a rich and diverse platform that “will become even more exciting this year with new uniquely styled properties opening their doors.”

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