Affordable Travel Destinations in Latin America

Affordable Travel Destinations in Latin America

For those backpackers looking for fun on a limited budget, Latin America is a region where they can find enjoyable destinations without the need to spend a lot.

Here are four Latin American destinations that can be toured on a very low budget.


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Quito is one of the most important cities and is considered the center of indigenous Quechua culture in the Andes, moreover, it is one of the most economically accessible for tourists who enjoy its colonial streets, gastronomy, and hospitality without the need to incur large expenses. Besides Quito, Ecuador offers other affordable places for travelers looking for fun in beaches, tropical forests, active volcanoes, traditional markets, and lots of cultures.

The rural areas of this country, located in the middle of the world, are highly recommended for backpackers because they offer unique experiences such as getting to know the communities that inhabit them, as well as their ancient traditions, like the making of traditional clothes, the indigenous food, and even the Quichua language, spoken in many of these regions. For those who enjoy hiking, it is highly recommended to take an ascent tour (two days) by the Iliniza Norte volcano which offers spectacular views for lovers of photography. Another great adventure is the ascent to Cotopaxi, another of Ecuador’s emblematic volcanoes.

Classic Quito Mini Adventure
In Quito, Ecuador’s capital, backpackers find handicrafts and food at affordable prices. (Photo: via GAdventures).


Marcahuasi is one of the places most visited by those who do not have much budget to travel in Peru. On this site, travelers can enjoy experiences like trekking and rock climbing. Tourists can request the support of native guides from the region, who kindly offer food and an explanation of the site at a quite reasonable cost. In addition, the experience includes spending the night camping, visiting natural monuments, the Machu Cachu Lagoon, and, of course, enjoying the flora and fauna of this fabulous spot.

Peru: From Lima to Lake Titicaca
Travelers in Latin American communities find high-quality products and cuisine at a low price.

Another highly recommended site is Churín, a thermal water spa that can be visited, at very accessible costs, on tours around Huancahasi and Picoy, the hottest thermal water sources in the region. Other sites that can be visited at low cost in Peru, are the vineyards of the city of Huaral, the old town of Antioquia, Lunahuaná, for adventurers in search of extreme sports, and Tarma, a site surrounded by flowers in the heights of the Andes, among other places.


La Paz, the capital of this beautiful South American country, offers multiple options for spending a great vacation in attractive places and restaurants where travelers don’t have to spend too much. In this city, surrounded by mountains, it is highly recommended to take tours to enjoy its lush nature on forest trails, camp next to fabulous lakes, and enjoy typical food prepared by friendly villagers of rural communities.

Of the experiences that the traveler can not miss in Bolivia stand out Tren de la Muerte (Train of Death) in which tourists travel comfortably, although without luxuries, but without spending much. On its tour, they have the opportunity to visit different communities and enjoy fun experiences in the middle of nature. Other places the backpacker can visit in Bolivia, without spending too much, are the iconic Lake Titicaca, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Huyan Potosí, El Choro Trekking, Tiwanaku, Chacaltaya, Valle de la Luna, and Valle de las Animas, among others.


Mexico City is a great option for those backpackers who decided to venture out on a trip with little budget. The Historic Center of the Mexican capital has countless places of interest, such as museums (free on Sundays), archeological sites, colonial architecture, great gastronomy, and cozy places to enjoy music and cocktails.

Central Mexico & Yucatan: Mexico City, Oaxaca
Mexico City has many places of interest where the traveler does not have to spend much.

Nearby are the impressive pyramids of Teotihuacan that the traveler can reach on board economical buses with tours of the archeological area that offers different places to enjoy good food at affordable prices as well. Two hours from Mexico City is located the City of Puebla, an extraordinary example of the Spanish colonial baroque.

This place can also be reached on board an economical bus service that can be supplemented with city tours, explanation of guides, and food at quite accessible costs. Other cities that can be enjoyed without spending much money are Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, Querétaro, Guanajuato, Mérida, and Toluca, among others. All these offer great cultural, gastronomic, and fun experiences for the traveler looking for adventure.

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