Seat Stuck in Reclined Position Triggers Brawl on Flight

Airline Passenger Accused of Stealing $10,000 Mid-Flight

A male passenger on an American Airlines flight from Buenos Aires to Miami earlier this month allegedly stole cash and credit cards from fellow fliers during the nine-hour trip earlier this week.

A flight attendant who observed the man, identified as Diego Sebastian Radio, made the allegation after noticing the man exhibiting suspicious behavior, according to several media outlets, including People Magazine.


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The incident happened on Tuesday, July 5.

Radio is accused of stealing $10,000 in cash from his fellow passengers, according to court filings.

American confirmed the allegations in an email.

“American Airlines flight 900, with service from Buenos Aires (EZE) to Miami (MIA), was met by law enforcement and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents upon arrival in Miami due to reports of possible theft by a customer on board,” Laura Masvidal, a spokeswoman for the airline, told People on Friday. “The individual was taken into custody by CBP agents.”

The cash was allegedly found on his person. Radio apparently would walk up and down the aisles and then take an empty seat, not his own, next to a victim when he had the opportunity.

An observant flight attendant noticed what Radio was doing and then asked one female victim to check her bags to see if anything was missing. The woman confirmed that she was missing several items.

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