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American Airlines Enhancing AAdvantage Program

American Airlines announced it would enhance its AAdvantage program to deliver more value for members, including new benefits and the ability to earn rewards before, between and beyond status levels.

In March 2023, American will introduce opportunities to receive benefits and earn rewards more often, such as members earning their first Loyalty Point Reward after earning only 15,000 Loyalty Points and before reaching AAdvantage Gold status.


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These members will receive the benefit of Group 5 boarding for the year and the choice between two Loyalty Point Rewards, priority check-in, security and Group 4 boarding for one trip, or five preferred seat coupons.

As members continue to advance toward higher levels of status by earning Loyalty Points, they will receive new benefits such as bonuses for shopping with some of American’s partners and status with the airline’s preferred car partner.

Members then redeem those miles to elevate their travels and reach status and rewards through Loyalty Points, including Gold status at 40,000, Platinum at 75,000, Platinum Pro at 125,000 and Executive Platinum at 200,000.

“We’re creating a more meaningful travel rewards program for our AAdvantage members,” American Chief Commercial Officer Vasu Raja said. “Only our members will have access to everything American has to offer.”

“Achieving status will unlock an even wider world of unique experiences with the airline and our partners,” Raja continued. “With these and other innovations to come, we are continuing to deliver on our commitment that travel is better when you’re an AAdvantage member.”

American is also removing the previous 75,000 limit on miles that a member could earn on a single ticket, making flying with the carrier even more rewarding. Members earn miles for flights based on the ticket price and AAdvantage status.

On American and eligible partner flights, AAdvantage members will earn two miles per dollar spent on Basic Economy fares for all tickets issued on or after January 1, 2023, for travel starting March 1, 2023.

All members will continue to enjoy everyday mileage redemption opportunities. In addition to redeeming miles for flights, members can redeem miles to personalize their travel through experiences like Main Cabin Extra Seats, Five Star Service experience and more.

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