American Cruise Line Adds Starlink Wi-Fi Service To 2023 Fleet

American Cruise Line Adds Starlink Wi-Fi Service To 2023 Fleet

American Cruise Lines announced that the new Starlink satellite internet service has been added to its 2023 fleet of riverboats and small cruise ships.

The new complimentary service is a major upgrade, ensuring seamless connectivity and faster upload speeds nearly everywhere the company’s small ships are cruising—from Glacier Bay, Alaska to the Florida Keys; from Napa Valley wine country to the Hudson River; and from the Mississippi to the Columbia and Snake Rivers.


The Starlink system is powered by a constellation of lower earth (LEO) satellites providing a stable connection to American’s continuously moving ships and riverboats. American beta-tested the Starlink service in 2022 and cruise guests experiencing the platform responded with rave reviews.

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In line with American Cruise Lines’ commitment to offering the newest small ships for domestic U.S. cruising and ensuring the most modern amenities aboard every ship in the fleet, the company has introduced new riverboats and small ships every year and will add three new ships in 2023.

Last year, American renovated and redecorated their entire paddlewheel fleet and recently updated interiors aboard their existing small cruise ships. American Cruise Lines’ 2023 fleet includes 17 small ships and riverboats exploring 35 states, cruising both coasts and rivers in between.

Small ship itineraries are all-inclusive and feature over 400 exciting shore excursions across the U.S. Cruises also include complimentary onboard enrichment and entertainment, fine cuisine, wine and beer with lunch and dinner, and a festive cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres each evening.

All American’s ships offer 100 percent outward-facing accommodations, nearly all with private furnished balconies. Amenities also include complimentary room service and Wi-Fi, and many offer alternate casual dining venues.

The cruise line’s 2023-2024 pricing includes port charges and fees as well as tips and gratuities. All American’s river and coastal cruises offer domestic flat-rate airfare and many offer extended pre-cruise packages and complimentary pre-cruise hotel stays.

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