Amtrak Unveils New Acela Class Dining Menu

Amtrak Unveils New Acela Class Dining Menu

by Donald Wood
Last updated: 9:50 AM ET, Fri May 19, 2023

Amtrak announced
the launch of an all-new, premium Acela First Class dining menu on trains
traveling on the Northeast Corridor between Boston and Washington D.C.

As part of a working relationship with Stephen Starr, passengers
booked in Acela First Class will enjoy a rotating selection of signature dishes
from STARR Restaurant Groups’ renowned Northeast Corridor-based eateries,
including Buddakan’s Black Pepper Beef and The Continental Mid-Town’s Chilled
Sesame Noodles.

“Amtrak is pleased to partner with STARR Restaurant Group on
new, premium meals designed to enhance the customer experience onboard Acela
First Class,” Amtrak Vice President Robert Jordan said. “Incorporating the
STARR touch on our menus helps us deliver the world-class journey our customers
expect, and our latest food and beverage offerings are sure to surprise and

In addition to the STARR culinary menu, First Class
customers can enjoy Amtrak’s upgraded wine offerings, including Pommery
Champagne, Justin Sauvignon Blanc, Landmark Pinot Noir and Daou Rose. 

For passengers traveling in the morning, a line-up of local
bakeries will deliver fresh baked pastries daily.

“I’ve always loved train travel and I’m a frequent Acela
First Class customer on the Philly to NYC segment, as are many of our guests,” Starr
said. “I’m excited to offer my fellow travelers restaurant-quality meals
inspired by our popular restaurants in Philly and New York.”

To further enhance the travel experience so more customers
can enjoy these new dining amenities, the Amtrak Bidup program allows already
ticketed Acela customers to bid on an upgrade to First Class, space and
availability permitting.

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