Strong Arrivals Prompt American Airlines’ Antigua and Barbuda Flight Expansion

Antigua and Barbuda Lifts All COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Antigua and Barbuda, among the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean, is fully open for business again after announcing the lifting of all travel restrictions that were enacted in the wake of the pandemic, according to the Caribbean Journal.

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Visitors will no longer need to show proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter either of the respective islands. The new protocol is for airline travelers and those who visit via yacht or ferry, although individuals using pleasure boats do need to inform the Antigua Port Authority at least six hours before arriving.

Face masks are not required but are encouraged.

“Antigua and Barbuda has benefited from a highly successful strategy of mass vaccinations, quick detection of imported and community-spread infections and proactive public awareness campaigns in significantly reducing Covid-19 infection levels for the past five months,” the government said in a statement.

The Caribbean Journal also reported that, like Jamaica and other islands in the Caribbean, the country is continuing to break tourism records for visitors.

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