Arctic Adventures Close to Home: Canada’s Northwest Passage

Arctic Adventures Close to Home: Canada’s Northwest Passage

Expedition-style travel is a true adventure, from exploring remote corners of the world to encountering wildlife you’ve only seen on television and pushing yourself to do things you’ve never done before.

While expedition cruises often explore the furthest reaches of our planet, there are some located closer to home that offer no less sense of adventure, with a historic exploratory route, views of the stunning Aurora Borealis and the chance to see beluga whales, polar bears and over 70 different species of birds: Canada’s Northwest Passage.


Aurora Expeditions offers two different itineraries across the Northwest Passage, both beginning in easily accessible Toronto, Canada. Both track the scenic Northwest Passage along the same historic route followed by explorers like Amundsen, Franklin and Larsen, discovering historic sites like remnants of the Hudson’s Bay Company and encountering a variety of Arctic animals.

A Beluga whale pod in the Northwest Passage’s Cunningham Inlet, one of the many animals of the Arctic. (photo via Flip Nicklin/ Minden Pictures)

The 30-day Complete Northwest Passage itinerary is Aurora Expeditions’ longest of the two Northwest Passage expeditions.

This itinerary includes a charter flight and several days spent in Greenland, where travelers set sail aboard the Sylvia Earle and make their way to the Northwest Passage, where they can enjoy two to three landings each day with plenty of expeditions guided by the ship’s Expedition Team, like Zodiac excursions or wildlife photography experiences.

Travelers depart in Nome, Alaska, then travelers spend an extra day in Anchorage before flying home.

A shorter itinerary, the Northwest Passage, is a 17-day itinerary beginning in Toronto and ending in Calgary. Like the longer itinerary, this one includes a charter flight to Greenland, where travelers embark upon the Sylvia Earle to begin their expeditions with a few days discovering Greenland ahead of their Northwest Passage exploration, ending in Calgary.

Along the way, travelers will visit Kangerlussuaq, Sisimiut, Ilulissat, Disko Island, Baffin Island, Sillem Island, Devon Island, Beechey Island, Prince Leopold Island, Fort Ross, King William Island and more.

The Northwest Passage is an incredible journey across the Arctic landscape and seascape. For more information, please visit Aurora Expeditions.

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