Azamara Expands AzAmazing Evenings With New Programming

Azamara Expands AzAmazing Evenings With New Programming

by Patrick Clarke
on April 18, 2023
Last updated: 1:55 PM ET, Tue April 18, 2023

An AzAmazing Day event

An AzAmazing Day event (Photo Credit: Azamara)

Azamara is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of its AzAmazing Evenings with the debut of AzAmazing Celebrations.

The enhanced, multi-layered experience of its signature AzAmazing Evenings will bring cultural immersion onboard and on land by night and day. The celebrations are offered complimentary on most sailings of seven nights or longer.

AzAmazing Celebrations will include AzAmazing Evenings, where guests can immerse themselves in their destination by night with special programming in historic venues providing unparalleled access to art, music and dance, as well as AzAmazing Days, a new shoreside event where travelers will discover the hidden gems each unique port has to offer by day through local musicians, food and wine, and entertainment.

Finally, AzAmazing Celebrations include Destination Celebrations, events that bring the traditions and heritage of the destination onboard through live cultural performances and local cuisine, Azamara announced.

Azamara, Onward, Azamara Onward

Azamara Onward. (photo via Azamara) ((photo via Azamara))

“Our award-winning Destination Immersion programming is what makes us Azamara, which is why we are constantly seeking new and enhanced ways to deliver authentic travel moments to our guests while immersing them in the local culture, food, and people of each destination,” Carol Cabezas, President of Azamara, said in a statement. “As we continue to grow and expand, we are pleased to share more intimate experiences for our guests through our expanded and expertly curated AzAmazing programming that makes our voyages truly unforgettable.”

Highlights for Azamara’s 2023 AzAmazing Celebrations include immersive cultural experiences across multiple continents such as a performance by the South African Zulu Tribe in Durban, a buffet featuring local favorites and live musical entertainment in Portovenere, Italy and Carnaval de Barranquilla in Cartagena, Colombia, among others.

Azamara plans to take celebrations onboard throughout its four sister ships for the remainder of the year and announced a pilot event for loyalty members sailing on Azamara Onward. The reimagined Loyalty Happy Hour will treat the cruise line’s most passionate guests to an array of destination-inspired appetizers and wine.

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