Bermuda Tourism Authority Launches ‘Lost Yet Found’ Campaign

Bermuda Tourism Authority Launches ‘Lost Yet Found’ Campaign

The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) launched its new campaign on September 14, an initiative that focuses on the island’s culture and way of life, called “Lost Yet Found.”

Lost Yet Found focuses on showcasing Bermuda’s natural beauty and authentic culture, which of course includes its beaches, natural wonders, its history and its people.


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The campaign will focus on digital and out-of-home placements in high-interest locations such as New York, Toronto, Miami, Dallas, Vancouver and Atlanta.

“Our goal for our work with the BTA was to create a brand for Bermuda that captured the abundant character of our small country,” said Bermudian Daren Bascome, leader of award-winning Boston-based brand agency, Proverb, which helped create the campaign. “As much as it is a travel campaign, we’ve also seen it as a nation-branding exercise. Travelers want the real and authentic, so featuring the unique sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and temperaments of the island felt distinctly important. Our campaign centers around the promise of discovery and originality: something for everyone who wants to get lost yet found.”

Lost Yet Found also features prominently on the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s website, showcasing off-the-beaten-path attractions and experiences to spark travelers’ interests.

“Lost Yet Found is pure Bermuda,” said Jamari Douglas, the BTA’s Vice President of Marketing, Marketing, PR & Communications. “Our agency is led by a Bermudian, our BTA Marketing team is mostly Bermudian, the production was shot by Bermudians, and the video talent is all Bermudian. With the support of our international partners, we worked to create a campaign that is authentic to the Bermuda experience. We want our visitors to enjoy the joy and magic that every Bermudian does — all the things that make us the unique, world-class destination that we are.”

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