Bhutan Selling Gold in Duty Free Shops in Effort to Boost Tourism

Bhutan Selling Gold in Duty Free Shops in Effort to Boost Tourism

Some people like to shop in the duty free stores when they travel internationally.

Would you believe you can now buy gold in the country of Bhutan in the duty free stores?


According to media reports, Bhutan, a small landlocked country in southern Asia, is now selling gold duty free to raise money for tourism in the country. Bhutan is using the dual occasion of the King’s birthday and the country’s new year to kick off the sale.

Presumably, a gold coin purchased in a duty free shop in the country will become an instant collector’s item and be worth far more than people will pay. Almost as good as the passport stamp, but it is worth a little more.

Bhutan is located between Tibet and India and caters to a lot of Indian tourists.

The only stipulation is that tourists must spend at least one night in a Department of Tourism approved hotel in Bhutan.

The gold will be sold in limited quantities to ensure its high price. Bhutan’s duty free shops will not make any profit off the sale of the gold, as the goal is to promote tourism.

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