Biden Administration Reportedly Considering Telling Commercial Airlines To Help in Afghanistan

Biden Administration Reportedly Considering Telling Commercial Airlines To Help in Afghanistan

The Biden administration is considering drafting U.S.-based commercial airlines to help with the transport of thousands of evacuees in Afghanistan, according to multiple reports.

Biden is expected to speak about the situation in Afghanistan today, Sunday, August 22, at 4 p.m.


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The U.S. last week pulled out the rest of its troops in the country, leading to an immediate takeover by the radical Taliban sect.

Afghanistan’s main airport in the capital of Kabul has been overrun with both U.S. citizens looking to leave as well as thousands, if not tens of thousands, of Afghan people who fear falling under the rule of the militant Taliban.

As President, Biden can compel commercial airlines to assist the military during times of emergencies as per the 1952 Civil Reserve Air Fleet clause. The program could facilitate almost 20 commercial jets from five airlines to help transport evacuees from bases in the region, according to the Wall Street Journal.

But a senior administration official told CNN that the commercial jets would not be flying into Afghanistan but instead would be helping to transport evacuees from locations where they were taken after being evacuated from the country, including U.S military bases in Qatar, Bahrain and Germany.

The official told CNN the government would first try to get airlines to volunteer aircraft to help transport Afghan evacuees before forcing them.

“We need each major airline to offer up three planes, and get a few from FedEx. If they don’t, we may use the law,” the official said.

About 26,500 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan since the Taliban began its advance on Kabul, according to data analyzed by CNN Saturday.

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