Boeing Announces New Sustainable Aviation Fuel Dashboard Tool

Boeing Announces New Sustainable Aviation Fuel Dashboard Tool

by Donald Wood
Last updated: 11:35 AM ET, Tue June 20, 2023

Boeing announced the launch of a new SAF Dashboard tool that
tracks expected sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) capacity over the next decade.

Based on data collected by BloombergNEF, the dashboard
aggregates total SAF capacity announcements by suppliers globally and can filter
anticipated supply by production pathway, location and other metrics.

The tool is accessible on Boeing’s new Sustainable Aerospace
Together hub.

Boeing released the tool during the 2023 Paris Air Show,
highlighting the dashboard’s ability to track future production levels required
to meet the commercial aviation industry’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

“SAF reduces CO2 emissions by up to 85 percent and possibly
more over the fuel’s life cycle, offering the greatest potential to decarbonize
aviation over the next 30 years,” Boeing Chief Sustainability Officer Chris
Raymond said.

“SAF Dashboard portrays the data visually as our industry
works together across sectors to increase SAF production for a more sustainable
aerospace future,” Raymond continued.

In May, the company announced the release of a data modeling
tool, dubbed the Boeing
Cascade Climate Impact Model
, to help support commercial aviation’s path
toward net zero carbon emissions.

The Cascade tool identifies the effects of a range of
sustainability solutions to reduce aviation’s carbon emissions and is
accessible on the airplane manufacturer’s new Sustainable Aerospace Together

Data modeling examines the complete life cycle of alternate
energy sources for aviation and measures fleet renewal, operational efficiency,
renewable energy sources, future aircraft and market-based measures as pathways
to decarbonization.

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