Boeing Marks End of an Era With Delivery of Final 747 Plane

Boeing Marks End of an Era With Delivery of Final 747 Plane

Boeing delivered its final 747 aircraft on Tuesday to Atlas Air, marking the end of an era for the historic plane.

According to, the aircraft manufacturer confirmed last year that the 747 program would end, with the final plane rolling out on December 7, bringing Boeing’s total number of 747s built and delivered to 1,574.


Dubbed the Queen of the Skies, the 747 was the world’s first twin-aisle jetliner, but fell out of favor after five decades of service when Boeing and Airbus developed more fuel-efficient planes.

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“It’s the airplane that redefined the industry and redefined air travel,” author Guy Norris said.

To celebrate the bittersweet occasion, thousands of Boeing employees watched the delivery of the historic plane. Officials said the production bay where the aircraft were constructed would soon be converted to build other types of commercial jets.

“It’s a very emotional experience, I know, for so many of the current team and so many that have lineage in the program over the many decades,” Boeing vice president Kim Smith said.

Deliveries of the 747’s successor—the Boeing 777X—are expected to begin in 2025.

Last week, NASA announced it awarded Boeing for its Sustainable Flight Demonstrator project, which aims to inform the possible development of a new generation of low-emission, single-aisle jetliners.

Through a new Funded Space Act Agreement, the leading aircraft manufacturing company will work alongside NASA experts to design, construct and test a full-scale demonstrator aircraft. Building a full-scale, functional model will enable flight testing and allow designers to validate new technologies for reducing emissions.

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