Mexico Travel: Quintana Roo Tourism Secretary Says Region Is Thriving Despite Negative Media Coverage

Busy Summer Season Boosts Quintana Roo’s Tourism Industry Recovery

The 2021 summer holiday season saw Quintana Roo welcome more than three million tourists, resulting in an average hotel occupancy rate of 60 percent.

According to The Riviera Maya News, the Mexican Secretary of Tourism (SECTUR) announced the 60 percent occupancy rate in Quintana Roo was the maximum allowed under the ongoing orange coronavirus epidemiological light.


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In addition, SECTUR revealed that more than 120,000 tourists remain in the Mexican state even though the summer holidays have officially ended. The agency also said Puerto Morelos’ average occupancy rate was 59 percent, while Isla Mujeres averaged 63.4 percent.

Officials announced that 195 hotels in the region reopened before or during the holiday period, leaving only 12 properties consisting of a total of 1,301 rooms still shuttered. SECTUR said national and American tourists were the biggest drivers behind the increased totals.

As for the airline industry in Mexico, U.S. carriers transported more travelers south of the border in July than at any point in history, breaking all-time records and exceeding pre-pandemic totals.

Earlier this month, the Secretariat de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT) announced that the five largest carriers in the U.S. transported 2.3 million passengers to and from Mexico in July, the highest on record.

The Port Administration of Quintana Roo also revealed last week that as many as 11,000 people used the ferry terminals each day during the summer season.

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