California Budget Invests in Restoring Tourism Economy

California Budget Invests in Restoring Tourism Economy

California’s new state budget, which has been agreed upon by state legislators and Governor Gavin Newsome, includes a $15 million investment in helping restore California’s tourism economy.

The money will go to supplement Visit California’s proven tourism efforts providing direct support for domestic tourism marketing programs aimed at driving increased travel to the state. It builds on the $95 million in tourism marketing stimulus in 2021 in order to revive the tourism sector and accelerate recovery.


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According to Visit California’s 2021 Economic Impact Report, visitor spending in California grew 46 percent last year compared to 2020, totaling $100.2 billion.

“California’s travel and hospitality industry is grateful to Governor Newsom and the Legislature for including $15 million in the state budget to continue the tourism economy’s recovery from the devastating pandemic,” said Visit California President and CEO Caroline Beteta.

“The state funding will supplement the travel industry’s contribution and allow Visit California to continue marketing programs across the nation to inspire travel to the Golden State. The $95 million allocated by the Legislature a year ago helped California reclaim its nation-leading tourism market share and reestablish itself as one of the state’s most reliable job producers. This $15 million contribution will help finish the job and bring California’s tourism economy back to pre-pandemic levels in 2023.”

The money will go to support marketing programs aimed at promoting family travel, professional meetings and travel to California’s urban hubs. Initial projections show that this new infusion of cash should generate at least $4 billion in visitor spending at California businesses and create 37,600 travel and hospitality jobs.

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