Carnival Cruise Line Adds Alcohol-Free Alternatives to Popular Drinks

Carnival Cruise Line Adds Alcohol-Free Alternatives to Popular Drinks

Carnival Cruise Line announced it would add alcohol-free alternatives to some of the most popular cocktails.

Passengers visiting Carnival’s Alchemy Bar—found on nearly every ship sailing from the United States—can now enjoy non-alcoholic spirits produced by industry-leading distiller Lyre’s, a move that makes the cruise line the first in the industry to offer a full range of alcohol-free cocktails.


“Our new partnership with Lyre’s gives guests who want non-alcoholic cocktails the best options at sea,” Carnival senior director of beverage operations Zachary Sulkes said.

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In total, seven of the Alchemy Bar’s most popular drinks have been recreated with a non-alcoholic twist: the Martini Seduction, Spicy Chipotle Pineapple Martini, The Remedy, Hearts of Fire, Restorative Basil Drop, The Perfect Storm and Cucumber Sunrise.

“We’ve seen popularity for non-alcoholic cocktails grow rapidly, so to meet that trend, our mixologists have been working to craft alternative versions of our most popular cocktails with none of the alcohol, but all the flavor,” Sulkes continued.

In addition to the full range of non-alcoholic cocktails offered at Alchemy Bar, the cruise line’s main dining rooms will now serve Lyre’s alcohol-free prosecco along with the many wines offered across the fleet.

Last month, Carnival celebrated National Margarita Day by adding premium Santo Tequilas from celebrity chef Guy Fieri and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar to menus available to guests fleetwide.

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