Carnival Waives Cancellation Fees Through January 14

Carnival Cruise Line Implements Curfew for Minors

Carnival Cruise Line has enacted a new change to its Minor Guest Policy effective immediately, implementing a fleetwide curfew for children aged 17 and under, a step which it has taken to curb disturbances caused by minors.

“Guests 17 years of age and under who are not accompanied by an adult in their traveling party, 21 years of age or older, must be clear of all public areas by 1:00 a.m. each evening unless involved in a Club 02 or Circle C teen activity,” the new policy reads.


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According to CruiseHive, the curfew was enacted due to events during the summer, when several physical altercations involving minors have been reported on Carnival’s ships.

Reported incidents of breaking curfew are subject to investigation and may end in a warning or, depending on the severity, disembarkation upon arrival to the next port and even banishment from the line. Minors, of course, will not be the only ones subject to these rules, but also their parents or guardians.

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