Carnival Waives Cancellation Fees Through January 14

Carnival Cruise Line Updates Pre-Cruise Testing Requirements Again

Carnival Cruise Line is updating its pre-cruise testing requirements a second time, going into effect for cruises departing September 6 and later.

Unvaccinated guests are now allowed to self-test using a self-testing kit on itineraries 15 nights or less to satisfy the cruise line’s testing protocols.


There are a few exceptions where self-testing is not allowed. Cruises heading to Bermuda, Canada, Greece or Spain require medically supervised tests.

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All unvaccinated guests are required to present their negative test results via the VeriFLY app or during embarkation.

Travel insurance is also no longer necessary for unvaccinated guests unless it’s required by a port of call such as Bermuda or Fiji, which requires insurance for both vaccinated and unvaccinated guests.

Travelers are encouraged to continue checking Carnival Cruise Line’s Have Fun. Be Safe. protocol page to view the latest changes and check for any applicable protocols for their upcoming cruise.

Many of the major cruise lines have made amendments to their COVID-19 protocols, with many now allowing vaccinated travelers to sail without testing in most destinations while also once again allowing unvaccinated travelers to sail, provided they present a recent negative COVID-19 test result.

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