Carnival Moving to Limit Passenger Alcohol Intake

Carnival Moving to Limit Passenger Alcohol Intake

Carnival Cruise Line is making another change in its effort to stay ahead of a growing number of onboard ship violence among passengers.

To help curb the consumption of alcohol, Carnival is doing away with its policy that allowed passengers to order two bottles of hard liquor to be delivered to their cabin in addition to purchasing alcoholic drinks onboard or signing up for an unlimited drink pasckage. In Carnival’s case, the unlimited option allows for 15 drinks per day.


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In a story published by The Street, the media outlet Carnival’s loyalty ambassador, John Heald, wrote about the change on Facebook.

“My apologies. You will have seen that we no longer have full bottle liquor sales available on preorder. Hard liquor is no longer available for preorder on our Fun Shops. All existing sales will be honored and guests can still preorder up to two bottles of wine for onboard delivery and consumption,” he wrote. “The change is because it will help us monitor drink consumption on board and I do apologize for any frustration.”

Heald added that the decision by Carnival was “not a cutback” or related to cost-savings.

Carnival has seen a spate of onboard violence the past several months, including an all-out brawl that involved more than a dozen passengers. The cruise line believes much of this is fueled by alcohol consumption, particularly especially hard liquor.

The cruise line went as far as adopting a policy to fine unruly passengers who cause such incidents.

In responses to Heald’s Facebook post, several comments alluded to the changes, with one person writing, “Another thing Carnival is taking away. And this time without any warning.”

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