Carnival Sails From Long Beach: First California Cruise in 17 Months

Carnival Setting up Pre-Cruise COVID-19 Testing Sites

Carnival Cruise Line plans to set up pre-cruise rapid testing sites at its homeports to make it easier on passengers now that negative results will be required before boarding, effective Sept. 13.

“Effective with sailings as of September 13, 2021, the CDC requires pre-cruise testing for vaccinated guests to be taken within two days prior to the sailing date,” Carnival said on its website. “If the sailing is on Saturday, the test may be taken on Thursday and Friday, and as late as Saturday, if you are guaranteed to receive your results in time for check-in.”


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That may present a challenge for some people, so Carnival wanted to offer testing on the pier.

“We realize some of our guests are having a challenge getting a pre-cruise COVID-19 test, especially with the new two-day window established by the CDC that goes into effect on September 13, 2021. We are working to set up mobile testing sites at all our embarkation homeports to conduct a rapid test the day before or day of your departure. We are still working out the details and ask that you check back on this page,” Carnival’s website says.

There will be an initial cost, though.

“Carnival will be subsidizing the infrastructure of the mobile testing sites, but the company providing the testing will charge a per-person fee (to be established),” the website says. “Providers will not accept insurance, but you will be provided a receipt should you wish to submit the cost to your insurance carrier. You should consider this as a back-up alternative should you not be able to make arrangements. The mobile labs will either be in or adjacent to our terminals, or within walking distance.”

For details, check out Carnival’s website by clicking here.

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