Celebrate the Festive Season in St Barts

Celebrate the Festive Season in St Barts

Winter is the ultimate season to visit the tropics. Travelers looking to escape the cold can turn to the warm, sunny shores of St Barts for events that highlight the festive season in the region.

For those visiting during the Christmas season, the best place to shop for gifts is the seasonal Village de Noël where dozens of artisans display their works, lining the quays of Gustavia from December 8-19.


New Year’s is a particular highlight in the region and is punctuated by a magical fireworks show above Fort Oscar with super yachts below bellowing fog horns in unison.

Travelers can also expect top-notch entertainment and high-caliber artists to descend upon the island with the onset of the holidays as entertainment venues ramp up to welcome visitors to the island. New Year’s truly sparkles in St. Barts with show-stopping performers on hand to deliver a unique experience for guests at venues such as Nikki Beach and Ti St. Barth.

Travelers looking for a place to stay can look to the stunning properties of WIMCO Villas, which are sure to elevate an already jam-packed luxury vacation.

WIMCO offers several villas on the island, including the Le Moulin, a four-bedroom villa that provides direct access to St Jean beach and is within walking distance of Eden Rock, Nikki Beach, GypSea and other popular dining establishments.

Gustavia Views offers four bedrooms and three baths, has a pool and welcomes children while LouLou offers stunning ocean views and is a short distance from beaches and shopping. The villa has four bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths and is located in Pointe Milou.

WIMCO has more than 40 villas available in St. Barts and offers villa accommodations throughout the Caribbean and in Europe as well, offering more than 38 years of experience taking care of every aspect of the travel experience.

Visit the WIMCO Villas website or contact WIMCO at 401-849-8012 or info@wimco.com for availability and pricing.

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