Choice Hotels Adds 500 Radisson Hotels into Safe Stays by ReloShare Alliance

Choice Hotels Adds 500 Radisson Hotels into Safe Stays by ReloShare Alliance

Choice Hotels International, Inc. is expanding its Safe Stays by ReloShare alliance following the acquisition of Radisson Hotels Americas, adding 500 properties in the Radisson portfolio to the alliance, which provides social services agencies with the ability to book safe emergency accommodations for victims of human trafficking, domestic violence and other crimes.

With the 500 new properties, Choice Hotels currently offers over 90 percent of its hotels in the U.S. on the ReloShare platform. It’s been partnered with the platform since February 2022. Over six thousand hotels are participating across Radisson brands, Cambria Hotels, Comfort Hotels, WoodSpring Suites and other brands.


Safe Stays by ReloShare allows for anonymous bookings at select hotel locations, too, for those who are in immediate danger or for those who may have fled a dangerous situation without an ID card. Staff at the properties are then trained to anonymously check-in these guests.

The need for safe accommodations for domestic violence victims throughout the United States can measure into the tens of thousands each day; during September 9, 2021 alone there were 38,608 adults and children in emergency housing programs, with an additional 9,444 requests for shelter left unmet that day alone.

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