Costa Rica To Offer New Year-Long Digital Nomad Visa

Costa Rica To Offer New Year-Long Digital Nomad Visa

Costa Rica’s President Carlos Alvarado recently approved new legislation that’s aimed at attracting digital nomads. The law will enable qualifying foreign nationals to obtain a year-long visa, which is also extendable for one additional year.

The government hopes this initiative will entice remote workers to come live and work in a tropical paradise while experience the Central American country’s renowned, laid-back ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle.


The Costa Rican tourism board believes the new digital nomad visa will help revive the tourism industry and related sectors, Lonely Planet reported. It’s estimating that international remote workers who stay there on the visa will contribute around $24,100 (15 million colones) to the local economy. That could also translate into more jobs for Costa Ricans.

“We welcome digital nomads to Costa Rica,” Alvarado said, according to The Tico Times. “This is an incentive for tourism, employment and investment by digital nomads in the various regions of the country.” The president also remarked, “The digital nomad utilizes services, consumes food, makes purchases, utilizes transportation and hires people—all of this generates more employment and growth in the country.”

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Digital nomad visa holders will be exempt from having to pay local income taxes, be able to open bank accounts in Costa Rica, be permitted to drive using licenses issued by their own country and enjoy various other benefits.

Tourism Minister Gustavo Segura has said that digital nomads will be “key to the rebound of the sector”. He opined that Costa Rica is an ideal destination for remote workers seeking a change of scenery, given its high internet connectivity, warm weather and wealth of outdoor activities.

“Tourists who stay for longer periods of time redistribute their money in the value chains generated by tourism,” Segura said. “They make more local purchases, rent a car for several weeks or months, use services such as the beauty salon, the supermarket, restaurant, soda, laundry, greengrocer, medical services, among other businesses in the community, hence the importance of becoming an option for remote workers.”

Currently, digital nomads who come to Costa Rica are classified as tourists and, as such, must exit the country within 90 days.

Some details have yet to be ironed out and it may take some time before the project is fully authorized for implementation, but it seems likely that digital nomad visa applications will become available within a matter of weeks.

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