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Couple Delays Flight After Boarding Without Tickets

Now this is not exactly what you want during Thanksgiving week air travel.

A couple who arrived at their gate late and then tried to board a Frontier Airlines flight without boarding passes caused quite the upheaval at an undisclosed airport, forcing the carrier to disembark the entire flight.


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According to an eyewitness on the same flight, and relayed by the New York Post, the couple tried to avoid paying an extra baggage fee and then made a mad dash to the gate to try to board the flight. When flight crew quickly realized what was going on, they asked the couple to depart the plane. The couple refused, forcing officials to clear the entire flight of passengers who were already in their seats and preparing for takeoff.

According to the news outlet, the late-arriving couple then started screaming at fellow passengers and crew, and refused to depart the plane, screaming “We’re tired!” and “We paid for our ticket just like y’all. We paid just like y’all. I’m not getting off the plane!”

Law enforcement had other ideas, however, and the couple was removed from the flight.

While Frontier Airlines did not respond to an inquiry regarding the incident, footage was posted to social media.

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