Cruise Line Dealing with Bacon Shortage

Cruise Line Dealing with Bacon Shortage

No bacon?

Not today, anyway.


Come back tomorrow.

That’s the message that Carnival Cruise Lines has had to deliver to its passengers as the company is suffering through a temporary bacon shortage, forcing it to serve the breakfast treat every other day instead of daily.

Carnival’s brand ambassador John Heald said suppliers who service the cruise industry are facing challenges sourcing bacon for their ships.

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“We are going to have to temporarily move to an every-other-day schedule for bacon at the Lido buffet,” he said. “If you see a sign saying ‘Today, we’re not serving bacon,’ don’t worry, it’s going to be back the next day.”

Bacon costs are already rising. Insider’s Anna Cooban reported in June that it cost 13 percent more than last year, which is apparently due to supply shortages and rising costs of pig feed.

Also part of the problem? At the start of next year, California will enforce a welfare proposition, which was approved by voters in 2018. The Farm Animal Confinement Proposition, or Proposition 12, requires more space for breeding pigs, egg-laying chickens, and veal calves.

The idea is that all of those animals should have sufficient space to stretch out their wings, claws, and paws. Courts or the state could try and intervene between now and January, but if they don’t California could lose almost all of its pork supply and pork producers will likely face higher costs to regain the market.

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