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Cruise Planners Releases 2023 Travel Trends Outlook

As the travel industry looks to continue its bounce back in 2023, Cruise Planners unveiled the top travel trends for the upcoming year and what advisors are focusing on during wave season.

After reporting purchases were up 15 percent in 2022, Cruise Planners officials said luxury travel is expected to grow 11 percent over the next four years from the $945.6 billion it was valued at in 2019.


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The luxury cruise segment is driving an influx of growth, with the top destinations being European River itineraires, the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea, Antarctica and Africa-Middle East-India.

“We know 2023 is the ‘Year of Travel’ just by looking at the incredible number of sales we have on the books and it is not even a month into the new year,” Cruise Planners CEO and Founder Michelle Fee said.

“Luxury is at the top of the list and clients want to make memories and are sparing no expense to create them with loved ones,” Fee continued.

Other key cruising destinations include Alaska (up 32 percent from pre-pandemic totals), the Caribbean (up 12 percent) and Europe, which is also seeing strong interest with 32 percent for 2023 departures compared to 2019.

The data from Cruise Planners also shows that other key travel industry trends include an increased focus on sustainability, the rise of domestic travel, the growth of remote work, multi-generational travel, personalization and wellness vacations.

In November, travel technology company Amadeus revealed the travel industry’s new and changing developments, including exploring the metaverse, new biometric possibilities, the ability to work from anywhere, traveling light, and more business bonding opportunities.

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