Delta Air Lines Sends Care Package to Little Girl Named Delta

Delta Air Lines Sends Care Package to Little Girl Named Delta

Delta Air Lines went above and beyond for a little girl named Delta who was experiencing the frustration of sharing a name with the latest COVID-19 variant.

Three-year-old Delta Gerardi and her family have been dealing with the strain of having her name associated with a virus that has caused sickness and suffering for so many people.

As a result, Delta’s mother, Virgin Galactic scientist Kellie Gerardi, light-heartedly reached out to Delta Air Lines on Twitter to share their frustration.

Members of the airline’s social media team took note of the tweets and officials decided to make the little girl feel a little bit better about her name by sending a care package full of items adorning the ‘Delta’ name.

“We sent her a care package that included a handwritten note, Delta backpack, Biscoff cookies and a model plane,” Delta Audience Engagement Manager Andrea Feminella said. “Basically, everything we could find at the Delta Flight Museum gift shop with the name ‘Delta’ on it.”

In response, Kellie Gerardi shared on Instagram that Delta thoroughly enjoyed the gift from the airline, saying, “She just recently learned to read and write her own name, so it was extra special to watch her delight as she discovered it on each item she unwrapped.”

Earlier this week, Delta announced new additions to its seatback entertainment options, including new partnerships with Starz and KidNation. The airline now features more than 240 films, 390 television episodes and new podcasts for customers to choose from in August and September.

In addition, Delta recently revealed that passengers who need to change their flight on the day of departure can now stand by for an earlier, alternative flight without paying a fee.

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