Delta Conveys Commitment to Transparency to Customers

Delta Conveys Commitment to Transparency to Customers

In a note to customers on its website, Delta Air Lines said it is making a bigger commitment to transparency and accountability as part of its efforts to become more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

“We’re making headway and know that even harder work remains ahead,” said Keyra Lynn Johnson, Delta’s Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, almost a year after CEO Ed Bastian committed to taking action on inequity and injustice. “Through transparency, we build accountability in an effort to ensure our actions don’t simply reflect activity, but real progress.”


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The Atlanta-based carrier said it us measuring its progress with the goal of improving on a year-over-year basis through 2025 and beyond with its ‘Close the Gap’ strategy, its plan to grow and attract talent in three demographics where the difference in representation between frontline employees and leaders remains the largest: Black employees, women and other ethnic minority groups.

Delta admitted that while the pipeline is being strengthened among managers and general managers, Vice President and above talent remains an area of focus.

‘Every job posting is an opportunity for us to bring a person with new experience, perspectives, ideas and backgrounds onto our team. To achieve that goal, we must build a more equitable talent experience,’ the company noted.

“Are we where we want to be?” Johnson asked. “Not yet. And still, once Delta reaches these goals, we expect to set new ones that continue our journey, making us even stronger and reflective of the world we connect.”

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