Delta Reintroduces Special Kids' Menus To In-Flight Meal Service

Delta Reintroduces Special Kids’ Menus To In-Flight Meal Service

For a time, in-flight meal service became of air travel’s most notable pandemic-era casualties. But, three years on, airlines’ dining offerings have really started to return in earnest. At the start of the new year, Delta Air Lines revealed a comprehensive refresh of its airborne food and beverage menus.

Now, Delta has decided it’s also time to reinstate its dedicated kids’ menus, with a special set of selections for the smallest travelers due to become available again in April. In fact, chefs and dieticians have helped redevelop the dishes to maximize nutrition and enhance their appeal for children, Delta told USA Today.


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Delta’s kids’ meals will be available round-the-clock to passengers on most domestic flights and those flying in eligible cabin classes on long-haul international routes. However, they must be requested at least 24 hours ahead of departure as a ‘special meal option’ added to your flight booking.

The airline’s new kid-friendly offerings will include:

For breakfast, choices like French toast, scrambled eggs, fruit (pineapple, strawberries and blueberries) and a small blueberry muffin.

For lunch and dinner, there’s cheese tortellini topped with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese, crunchy vegetables (carrots and broccoli) with ranch dressing, a fruit cup (kiwi, watermelon and orange slices) and graham cookies for dessert.

Delta spokesperson Emily Pitchford said passengers must reserve kids’ meals at least 24 hours prior to takeoff, which they can do via the ‘special meals’ section of MyTrips on Delta’s mobile app or website. It’s the same process by which one goes about requesting other specialized fare options, such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free Kosher, Halal, Hindu, diabetic and low-calorie meals.

Pitchford also revealed that customers will be able to start submitting requests for special kids’ meals by March 23 for flights departing after April 1, 2023. She explained that kids’ menus will be available in all cabins on long-haul international flights and in First Class on most U.S. domestic routes.

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