Grupo Xcaret Wins Nine 2022 Travvy Awards

Discover the Casas of Hotel Xcaret Arte

Hotel Xcaret Arte provides a truly unique experience for its guests.

The property is a recent newcomer to the region, opening in the summer of 2021, and it offers something different in the sought-after area of Mexico’s Riviera Maya.


One of the things that makes the all-inclusive, adults-only property a standout is its focus on creativity, one of the bedrocks of Mexican culture. In fact, the property highlights a number of aspects of the country’s traditions in its five “casas” that make up the resort. Each one focuses on a different type of art and cuisine and is defined by its own unique aesthetic.

The colorful space where weaving workshops take place at Hotel Xcaret Arte. (photo by Codie Liermann)

Starting with Casa del Diseño, which offers guests a weaving workshop as well as the Cayuco Restaurant, Wet Bar Cayuco and the Rooftop bar Casa del Diseño. This casa is also located nearest to the Hotel Xcaret Arte’s reception area and also houses a boutique.

Drawing workshop area at Hotel Xcaret Arte
Drawing workshop area at Hotel Xcaret Arte. (photo by Codie Liermann)

Casa de Los Artistas features a painting workshop. Its in-house restaurant is Kibi Kibi and it, too, has its own rooftop bar, Casa de Los Artistas. Here, guests will also find the library and the fitness center as well as a boutique. The services are exclusive for the guests of this Casa, and room categories must have the word “Adult” at the end–for example “Suite River Adults.”

Casa de la Pirámide houses a pottery workshop and the Xaak restaurant. Its rooftop bar is called Casa de la Pirámide and there is also the Wet Bar Casa de la Pirámide as well as a boutique.

A creative treat at Hotel Xcaret Arte
A creative treat at Hotel Xcaret Arte. (photo by Codie Liermann)

For those who love to dance, there is a dancing workshop in the Casa de la Música. Here, guests will also find the restaurant Encanta as well as the Casa de la Música wet bar and rooftop bar. There is also a forum in this casa as well as a boutique.

Hotel Xcaret Arte's speakeasy
Hotel Xcaret Arte’s speakeasy. (photo by Codie Liermann)

At Casa de la Paz, readers will love the literature workshop. This house also is home to the Rooftop bar Casa de la Paz and the El Deseo Speakeasy. It’s also where guests will find the Muluk Spa, another fitness center and aerial yoga center as well as a boutique.

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