Domestic Airfare Prices Down, International Flights Up Ahead of Summer Travel Season

Domestic Airfare Prices Down, International Flights Up Ahead of Summer Travel Season

by Donald Wood
Last updated: 9:15 AM ET, Fri May 12, 2023

New data suggests American travelers will experience lower
prices when booking domestic flights this summer, but airfare for international
routes will be higher than expected.

According to travel booking app Hopper,
the average price for a domestic flight in the United States is expected to be
around $306 this summer, a considerable drop from the $376 average last summer.

Prices for 2023 will reportedly peak at about $349 around Independence

While the domestic prices are down, the cost of international
tickets is up, with airfares projected to hit their highest level since 2019. The
average ticket to Europe will cost an estimated $1,100 each, an increase from
the average of $861 recorded before the pandemic.

Other average flight costs include $1,800 per ticket for
Asian trips, $1,454 for Africa or the Middle East and $1,709 for Australia and
surrounding nations, all of which are up by between $200-600.

Hopper said some of the contributing factors for the rise in
price for international flights include the cost of jet fuel, demand outpacing seat
capacity and top destinations dropping COVID-related travel restrictions.

“Though fuel costs have improved considerably in the last 15
months, prices remain the highest they’ve been since late 2014,” Hopper
economist Hayley Berg said. “Higher fuel costs will continue to put upward
pressure on airfares, especially on expensive long haul international routes.”

Earlier this week, a study found that while business is
booming for U.S. airlines, soaring demand, staffing shortages and rising
airfares are taking their toll on customer

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