Caribbean Vacation Hotspot Added To CDC’s ‘High’ COVID-19 Risk List

Dominican Republic Travel: What You Need To Know Before Visiting This Summer

The Dominican Republic remains one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, luring travelers to its beautiful beaches, spectacular all-inclusive resorts and vibrant cities rich in history and culture like Santo Domingo. Beyond all the exceptional attractions, activities and amenities on offer, the Dominican Republic is one of the most accessible overseas destinations for Americans right now as travelers have numerous affordable flight options from major U.S. cities, a plethora of discounted resort stays to choose from and minimal barriers to entry in terms of COVID-related travel requirements.

Throughout the pandemic, the Dominican Republic’s ability to balance safety and accessibility has been key, spurring a remarkable tourism recovery that’s gained recognition from around the world. Before you can experience the Dominican Republic for yourself in 2022, be sure to catch up on the latest travel guidance and requirements. 

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