Explora Journeys Announces Itineraries for Explora II's Inaugural Season

Explora Journeys Announces Itineraries for Explora II’s Inaugural Season

Explora Journeys, MSC’s luxury lifestyle cruise brand, has unveiled its inaugural itineraries for the launching of its second ship in summer of 2024, the EXPLORA II, which are now available for booking.

The new itineraries focus on destinations in the Mediterranean, Middle East, India, the Indian Ocean and Africa, offering a unique way to explore 26 countries across 82 different ports, with plenty of overnight stops.


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The 25 new itineraries and 14 extended journeys will sail between August 2024 and April 2025. EXPLORA II will first visit the Mediterranean, calling in destinations like Rome, Sicily, Menorca, Mykonos, Santorini, Kalamata and Corfu, before visiting Israel and passing through Egypt’s Suez Canal, visiting Saudi Arabia and destinations like Doha, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

It will then sail to India, visiting destinations like the Western Ghats, Goa and Mumbai before sailing through the Indian Ocean to visit the Seychelles and Maldives, heading towards Africa, where it will visit Mozambique, Tanzania, Madagascar, Kenya, Mauritius and South Africa, immersing guests in the cultures and wildlife of these incredible destinations.

“This is a new chapter for the brand; we are extremely proud to unveil EXPLORA II and these new itineraries,” said Michael Ungerer, Chief Executive Officer, Explora Journeys. “Our portfolio of destinations is constantly expanding, and we look forward to welcoming guests on board our ships to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences in incredible countries where they will be able to reconnect with themselves, while connecting with the people they meet, the surroundings and the local communities.”

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