Explora Journeys Names Adventurer Mike Horn As Brand Ambassador

Explora Journeys Names Adventurer Mike Horn As Brand Ambassador

by Theresa Norton
on April 25, 2023
Last updated: 1:10 PM ET, Tue April 25, 2023

Explora Journeys,
the new luxury cruise line started by MSC Group, announced that renowned
adventurer Mike Horn will be joining as its brand ambassador.

Horn is an adventurer, explorer and environmentalist who
has crossed the Arctic, Antarctic, and Amazon, as well as sailing solo around
the world. He is also an environmentalist whose work with communities and
conservation organizations worldwide has helped to promote sustainable living
and protect the planet’s delicate ecosystems.

As an ambassador for Explora Journeys, Horn will help
develop adventure destination experiences and onboard enrichment programs. He
will lead guests exploring some of the world’s most remote locations.

The inaugural Iceland and Greenland journey, “Arctic
Geyser, Calving Glaciers, and Fiery Lands of Ice,” will sail from Reykjavik to
New York City from September 9-25, 2023. During this journey, Horn will lead guests on
two hikes in remote areas of Greenland. He’ll also conduct a seminar on “Setting
Goals and Being Resilient” onboard Explora I, where he will talk about how he
prepares for extreme expeditions.

“I am impressed by the sustainability initiatives of the cruise
division of MSC Group,” Horn said. “Their dedication to innovation and
technology aligns with my vision for a world in which we all have to adapt to
an ever-changing environment. I am delighted to work closely with Explora
Journeys to attain significant accomplishments, promote sustainability and
create unforgettable experiences that connect us with nature.”

Explora I will be christened in Civitavecchia, the port for
Rome, on July 8, 2023. The godmother is oceanographer Sylvia Earle. 

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