Explore the Best of Jamaica's Spectacular Nature

Explore the Best of Jamaica’s Spectacular Nature

The rhythm of Jamaica is reflected in its rolling green hills, even in the waves of its waters that vary in shades of blue. The scenery is nothing short of captivating.

No matter how you explore Jamaican nature, it’s an experience you won’t regret.


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Breathe in the fresh mountain air, play in the waves, smell therapeutic flowers and admire exotic creatures.


Fresh water runs through the country in varying magnitudes, terrains, and aesthetics. The glorious waterfalls created by years of molded rocky walls are a sight to behold and usually attract swimmers of all levels who come to enjoy a rejuvenating dip.

You can see crocodiles up close peeking out of the surface of the water on the Black River Safari in the south, ascend Dunn’s River Falls to the north, take a leisurely raft ride down the Rio Grande to the east, and explore a score of natural pools in Mayfield Falls to the west.

At Little Dunn’s River and Laughing Waters, you can watch a river flow into the Caribbean Sea and spend a delightful day at the beach.


If you’re fascinated by plants, Jamaican botanical gardens showcase a variety of eye-catching plants that celebrate their rich horticultural heritage. Year-round sunlight and fertile soil give rise to a wealth of plant life almost everywhere. Royal Botanical Gardens and Cinchona Botanic Gardens in St Andrew’s; Hope Zoo in Kingston; Castleton Gardens in Santa Maria; Ahhh Ras Natango Gallery & Garden in Montego Bay are good examples of nature in full splendor.

In Jamaica the scenery is nothing short of captivating. (Photo courtesy of VisitJamaica.com and GMS)


A hike through the Blue Mountains UNESCO World Heritage Site or the rugged Cockpit Country will provide the best opportunities to spot endemic species of various types. Hiking in Jamaica is easy to access almost anywhere; venture through the hills and valleys to see a different side of the island. The mountains are covered with collections of green trees and flowers that are extravagant bird favorite sites.

Aqua Bay at the Tryall Club in Jamaica
Aqua Bay at the Tryall Club in Jamaica. (photo via Villas of Distinction)

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