Fiji No Longer Requires Post-Arrival Testing

Fiji No Longer Requires Post-Arrival Testing

Fiji no longer requires that international travelers take COVID-19 when they arrive at the destination.

The change in protocol took effect on Sept. 5.


“Subsequently, no test results or proof of test bookings will be required to board flights to Fiji and the Entry Test Fiji portal used to pre-book tests will be discontinued,” Tourism Fiji said.

The destination also shortened the mandatory isolation period for visitors who test positive from seven to five days.

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COVID-19 testing will still be mandatory for those with COVID-19 symptoms; arriving visitors will be required to report symptoms on arrival immigration forms.

Travelers will also still need to be fully vaccinated and purchase travel insurance.

“This is another exciting step towards normalcy for tourism in Fiji,” says Brent Hill, CEO of Tourism Fiji.

“We welcomed a record number of visitors in July, which showed an 82 percent recovery from pre-pandemic levels.

“Now, with the removal of the required in-country test, travelers can continue enjoying our islands with even more peace of mind.”

Added Permanent Secretary for Tourism Shaheen Ali, “Our approach to safety is exemplary – we can see that in the growing tourism demand and low positivity amongst tourists.

“Removing all testing requirements and reducing the isolation period further fuels our economic recovery and eases travel barriers.”

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