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Five Things To Know About Traveling to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the most welcoming destinations for travelers. However, travelers need to know certain things before visiting this wonderful Caribbean country. Here are five things to remember when traveling to the Dominican Republic.

Entry Restrictions

The Dominican Republic does not require a COVID-19 test or the use of face masks at the airport anymore, so there is no need to show any documentation to prove vaccination or a recent negative test result.


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Travelers can rest assured of the safety of traveling to the Dominican Republic, a country recognized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for its successful recovery and efficient handling of health protocols in different tourist destinations.


The Dominican Peso is the currency of everyday use in the country, so it is important to remember that before traveling to this nation. Change dollars to Dominican Pesos to pay for certain things, such as tips or purchases of products in the streets, among others.

However, credit or debit cards can make payments in hotels, restaurants, and large shopping centers. It should be noted that certain services accept dollars as payment, for example, some taxis, excursion vendors and restaurants.

In the most popular tourist destinations, such as Punta Cana, the most appropriate payment of tips are in dollars because it is the preferred currency of the locals, who can easily exchange it for Dominican Pesos.

In the most popular tourist places, such as Punta Cana, the most appropriate payment of tips are in dollars. (Photo courtesy of Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism).

Mind the water

It is not always safe to drink tap water in the Dominican Republic. In addition, in restaurants, travelers should never forget to order bottled water and bring one for the day’s walks. Also, when ordering cocktails in bars and restaurants, ensure that the ice is from purified water to avoid illness.

People with sensitive stomachs should take extra precautions when brushing their teeth or eating salads. In the Dominican Republic, many cases of cholera infections are reported due to parasites and microorganisms found in the water that can sometimes cause more severe conditions.

Best Souvenirs

Visitors to the Dominican Republic will find excellent pieces of amber jewelry that make for great souvenirs. Many of the pieces sold on the market contain fossils of insects, flowers, and leaves that make them unique keepsakes.

Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic has fine woodcarvings, pottery pieces, handicrafts, and textiles. (Photo by Joe Pike).

Blue Amber, also known as larismar, is one of the best souvenirs in the island’s various jewelry shops. Larismar is a semi-precious, turquoise stone found in the mountains of the Bahoruco area and is considered of great value by connoisseurs. Other highly recommended souvenirs available to purchase in the Dominican Republic are woodcarvings, pottery pieces, handicrafts and textiles.

Drinks To Enjoy

Of course, one of the best drinks in the Dominican Republic is the legendary rum from the region, of which the popular Brugal stands out, in addition to other brands such as Barcel├│ and Berm├║dez. However, the traditional drink of the island is Mamajuana, the original liqueur of the Dominican Republic, prepared by the indigenous Taino by letting the rum and red wine soak in a bottle with tree bark and herbs.

Aerial view of the beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
In addition to its beautiful beaches, the Dominican Republic has large deposits of amber. (Photo via Images Plus).

This popular drink is a deep red color and tastes very similar to a Port wine and is highly recommended. It’s advised to consume it at room temperature but ice can be added. Dominicans often take it in shots at any time of the day or night, although enjoying it after meals or in cocktails is recommended.

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