‘Flight Delays’ and ‘Flight Cancellations’ Dominating Google Trends

‘Flight Delays’ and ‘Flight Cancellations’ Dominating Google Trends

This is something you might have expected two years ago, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when air travel came to a virtual standstill all over the world.

But two years later, in the summer of 2022, internet search terms involving ‘flight delays,’ ‘flight cancellations’ and ‘compensation for delayed flights’ are skyrocketing on Google Trends.


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According to Google Trends and its Chicago-based public relations firm, M Booth, searches for flight cancellations and delays have reached an all-time high this month since the pandemic began in March 2020, as well as search interest in flight status. People are flocking to Google, the world’s biggest and most popular search engine, to ask ‘which airlines are canceling their flights’ and ‘how to get compensated for a delayed flight.’

In the United States, search interest in “flight status” reached an all-time high this month, and “expected flight delays tomorrow” is up 450 percent in the past week.

“Why are flights overbooked” and “overbooked flight compensation” nearly doubled over the past week, and “which airlines are cancelling flights” more than doubled in the last week.

Here are the top questions being asked by internet users according to Google Trends:

– How to get compensation for delayed flight?

– Why are there so many flight delays?

– How many flights are delayed today?

– What does delayed in flight mean?

– Why are flights being canceled?

– What to do if flight is canceled?

– What happens if flight is canceled?

– How to check if flight is canceled?

– Will the airline pay for the hotel if flight is canceled?

– Does travel insurance cover hotel if flight is canceled?

If your flight is disrupted, you have rights as an air traveler and you could even be entitled to compensation.

“In instances of a cancellation, travelers can claim up to $700 if a flight was canceled within 14 days of departure, if, when you took a replacement flight, your new arrival time was significantly different to your original flight, and if the reason for the cancellation was within the airline’s control,” Rosa Garcia, Legal Tactician at AirHelp told TravelPulse.

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