Four Seasons Launches Complete Creative Re-Branding

Four Seasons Launches Complete Creative Re-Branding

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts today launched a create re-brand of the entire company under a new marketing message: ‘Luxury Is Our Love Language’. The new platform is intended to celebrate Four Seasons’ “unique and energetic perspective on the definition of luxury”, according to the release.

Four Seasons’ decision to reconceptualize “luxury” itself as an experiential construct, rather than a material one, is what’s driving the rebrand. Developed by advertising firm Publicis Groupe’s next-generation creative collective, Le Truc (launched in 2021), the goal is to spotlight the sorts of exceptional experiences that only Four Seasons could deliver.


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A collaborative effort from Four Seasons, Le Truc, Starcom, Publicis Canada and Hawkeye Canada, the work aims to provide a complete, 360-degree platform for Four Seasons’ creative re-launch. The fresh re-branding is set to be rolled out across Four Seasons’ entire portfolio and lines of business over the coming year. Starcom-led media

Driving the creative campaign is the idea that it is depicting Four Seasons’ signature class of personalized, anticipatory, above-and-beyond guest service, as informed by a genuine understanding of and care for its patrons.

Le Truc innervated the new creative by thoroughly studying the real-world feedback, insights and data of Four Seasons guests. After poring over survey answers and comments, and speaking directly with hotel teams, it came up with campaign spots that are recreated scenes from “Based on a True Stay” stories.

“The future of luxury will be driven by data and insights and defined by human connection and imagination,” Marc Speichert, Chief Commercial Officer at Four Seasons, said in a statement. “Luxury Is Our Love Language is the embodiment of this vision and an authentic articulation of our values as we continue to evolve and express our brand in new ways. It is a bold creative platform based on our belief that true luxury shouldn’t be impersonal or rigid – rather, it’s about creating a meaningful sense of belonging through acts of unscripted care and the simple elegance of empathy.”

A Starcom-led campaign media strategy will see the new promotional branded messaging broadcast via digital video, social and digital out-of-home platforms, beginning August 29. This targeted, multi-million-dollar promotional blitz represents Four Seasons’ largest media spend to date and marks the first time the hotel chain is reinforcing its brand equity messaging through significant paid media efforts.

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