Frontier Airlines Gifting Free Flights To Folks Who Adopt These Kittens

Frontier Airlines Gifting Free Flights To Folks Who Adopt These Kittens

Didn’t get that precious little bundle of fur you’d been longing for at Christmas? It’s not too late to start the New Year off with an adorable four-legged addition to the family while also helping to save an innocent life.

And, if you opt for one of three special neonate kittens currently in the care of the Las Vegas Animal Foundation, you’ll enjoy also enjoy some vouchers for free airfare from Frontier Airlines thrown into the bargain.


The nonprofit foundation, which took in this tiny trio of littermates found in North Las Vegas at the end of December, named them “Spirit”, “Delta” and “Frontier” in honor of the three commercial aviation leaders.

Judging by the photos, this litter consists of one calico kitten, one orange tabby, and an orange-and-white tabby. While their genders weren’t specified, genetically speaking, calico cats are invariably female, while orange tabbies are almost always male.

Right now, the bottle-fed babies are only two weeks old and are being fostered in a private home by volunteers. Once they reach an age of six weeks and are weighing in at a minimum of 1.5 pounds each, they’ll be ready for adoption to their forever homes.

“It’s unusual to have a litter of kittens in the shelter this time of year, so when we had these three itty bitty fluff balls arrive at The Animal Foundation, we knew we had to give them special names,” said Kelsey Pizzi, communications manager at the Animal Foundation, in a statement provided to CNN.

“We were delighted the rescue organization decided to name these three adorable kitties after airlines, including ours,” Frontier commented in an email to the outlet. “Underscoring the plight of animals is near and dear to us.” The airline added, “We were more than happy to provide a little extra incentive to encourage the adoption of these three precious kittens.”

Frontier pointed to its “Plane Tails” program as part of its overarching commitment to educating and increasing awareness among the public about the plight of the planet’s animal populations. It’s an aspect of the low-cost carrier’s ideology that aligns closely with its ambition to operate as “America’s Greenest Airline”.

The empennage of each of Frontier’s aircraft is emblazoned with the distinctive image of a different type of animal. In fact, each depiction is of an individual animal with its own name and story who serves as a representative of its species.

A Frontier Airlines representative told CNN that the humans who adopt either of the kittens named Spirit or Delta will be gifted two flight vouchers, each valued at $250, for a total of $500 per forever family. Meanwhile, the pet parents who take home little Frontier will receive four $250 vouchers, totaling $1,000 in value. The airline specified that all of these vouchers will remain valid through the end of 2023.

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