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Get To Know Mexico’s Blue Flag Beaches

Mexico has as many as 97 beaches, marinas, and boats that are certified with the coveted Blue Flag standard. This distinction is achieved by meeting strict quality levels in education and environmental information, water quality, environmental management, safety and services.

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The main idea of the Blue Flag Program is to connect the public with their environment and encourage them to learn more about their surroundings.

Cancun is one of the destinations that bests meet the Blue Flag standard in beaches in places and properties such as Las Perlas, Playa del Niño, Playa Chac Mool, Live Aqua Cancun, Playa Marlín, Playa Ballenas, Fiesta Americana Condesa, Iberostar Cancun, Playa Delfines and Playa Coral.

Another destination strongly committed to environmental standards set in the Blue Flag Program is Isla Mujeres, a favorite spot for U.S. vacationers who find high water quality and respect for ecosystems on their beaches, plus areas clean of trash and bacteria. The certified beaches on this island are Playa Norte, Playa Centro and Albatros Beach.

Playa del Carmen, a destination very close to Cancun and the Mayan Riviera, is another favorite place for tourists for the cleanliness of its beaches, among which are Playa 88, Playa Pelícanos, Iberostar Tucán & Quetzal, Punta Esmeralda and Playa Xcalacoco, places highly frequented by tourists this holiday season.

Puerto Vallarta has four beaches certified in Blue Flag. (Photo via: Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board).

The complete list of Blue Flag certifications in Mexico is as follows:

Los Cabos: 25 beaches

Zihuatanejo: 5 beaches

Puerto Vallarta: 4 beaches

Bahía de Banderas: 1 beach / 1 marina

Santa María del Oro: 1 lagoon

San Blas: 1 marina

Huatulco: 2 beaches

Benito Juárez: 10 beaches / 31 boats

Isla Mujeres: 4 beaches

Puerto Morelos: 2 beaches

Solidaridad: 6 beaches

Ciudad Madero: 1 beach

Puerto Peñasco: 1 beach

Progreso: 2 beaches

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