Globus Offering New Choice Touring Options for 2024

Globus Offering New Choice Touring Options for 2024

by Lacey Pfalz
Last updated: 11:35 AM ET, Thu June 1, 2023

Globus is offering twice the included excursions of a typical tour with its selection of twelve 2024 Choice Touring by Globus itineraries across Europe and North America, eight of which are completely new and includes two or three days of included YourChoice excursion options. 

Choice Touring by Globus is a touring option that provides personalization with excursion options, double the included excursions at no extra cost and competitive pricing. 

The eight new itineraries are Swiss-Sational!: Switzerland & Como By Design; That’s Amore!: Italy By Design; Art & Soul: Portugal By Design; Fiestas & Siestas: Southern Spain By Design; Canada Believe Your Eyes: Western Canada By Design; The Sky’s the Limit: Eastern Canada By Design; The Rhythm of Reflection: Southern U.S. By Design; and Golden State of Mind: Northern California By Design. 

Included excursions range from learning to cook Greek specialties with a local to visiting an espadrille workshop in Seville and leaving with your own custom pair. 

“With new itineraries featuring an exciting menu of YourChoice excursions – personalized experiences that invite clients to customize their vacations in at least two ways on every YourChoice day – we’re presenting a new, ‘you’ way to tour,” said Ainsley Ericksen, senior director of marketing for the Globus family of brands.

“From nature walks and flamenco stomps to boat cruises and wine flights, the options are endless and included in the package price: An incredible selling point for advisors who can earn an average of $1,000 commission on each Choice Touring by Globus booking.” 

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