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Google to Phase Out Book on Google Flight Option

Google announced it would begin to phase out the search engine’s online booking option for flights starting in September.

According to, officials revealed the Book on Google option for flights reserved for non-United States users would be permanently disabled on September 30. American users will no longer be able to use the feature after March 31, 2023.


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The website said Book on Google has been “beneficial for some partners,” but data suggests a declining share of Google flight bookings come from the option. The online booking option was initially launched in 2015.

“Over the next 12 months, we plan to phase out the Book on Google feature for flights,” a company spokesperson said. “We originally offered this functionality to give people a simpler way to buy their tickets and to help our partner airlines and OTAs receive more bookings.”

“However, we’ve found over time that people actually want to book directly on partner websites, and we always strive to meet user preferences whenever possible,” the statement continued.

The Book on Google option for hotels was discontinued on May 25.

Earlier this year, Google rolled out a handful of new travel planning features, including notifications for when airline ticket costs dip and new features for finding the best hotel, restaurant and attractions within a brief walking distance.

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